Julius Errrving (Philly Hip Hop) - Mixed by DJ Mighty Mi

I know there are quite a few Philly heads that are regulars on this site, so this one is for all yall.
This is a mix i made for out beloved brother and dearly missed DJ AM. It's hosted by Shecky Green and features Melo-D on the intro. It originally broadcast on BPM Sirius Radio as part of DJ AM's tribute weekend. I keep it close to my heart and hope you enjoy.


Olskool4real said...

This is by far one of the best Philly Hip Hop mixes circulating through the net that I have heard!! Nice blends and touches in their not to mention a few different cuts that folks may or may not have heard from Philly!! I'm not a big Freeway fan but the blends were nice!! Thanks for posting this Pipo

ADA said...

hell yeah! Not from Philly but I spent almost a year there and it was rich with Hiphop! Great place to dig, found so many records there on the cheap! ALL RESPECTS TO PHILADELPHIA!