Unwind Volume 1: The Afrosoul Journey - Mixed by DJ Mpenzi

I think the tracklist does a pretty good job of describing the mix here.

Femi Intro / U Gonna Change (Yoruba Soul) - DJ Spinna Ft Heavy
April - Osunlade
Hold It Down - 4Hero Ft Lady Alma
Two Phish - Osunlade
When_You_Find - Tortured Soul
So Good Today (Yoruba Suite) - Ben Westbeech
Free To Fly (Afro Disco Drum Circle Mix) - Malena Perez
Tired Lil One (Yoruba Soul) - Bah Samba
Bondade E Maldade - Cesaria Evora
Momma's Groove - Osunlade
Another Day (Yoruba Soul) - Fertile Ground
Cantos A Ochun Et Oya (Re-Worked) - Osunlade
I Might Do Something Wrong - Tortured Soul
Beng Beng Beng - Femi Kuti
For Your Love (Casamena Living Room Remix) - Stevie Wonder
Jeware - Frank Rogers
Future Paradise (Fresco/Plug Label) - Yosaku
Tibet On It - Chicago Afrobeat Project

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Kenneth C said...

Tortured Soul - LOVE that crew