"1-9-9-5" - Maffew Ragazino Feat. Jon Connor

This video/rap homage to 1995 took me straight down memory lane. Where were you in 1995? 1995 was a good year for me: Brasil was the reigning world cup champion, Ready 2 Die and E. 1999 Eternal were burning my tape deck, my dream of being a NBA star was still alive and well, met wifey, still hadn't royally f*cked up my high school career, curfew was 11pm, got my driver's license, my biggest worry was over the time I'd get to the park to play ball, baggy jeans were still in, tight clothing was still out, having a pager meant that you were somebody, the beat junkies were all over L.A. radio, 2pac & Biggie were still alive (though beefin'), Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro still made good movies, I don't think Justin Beiber's parents had even met, and beatmakers were still samplin' loops. Ahh, the good ol days.


Anonymous said...

The lyrics didn't do justice to the mid-'90s, but I can appreciate the attempt at capturing some of the nostalgia.

ADA said...

good year!