Lovers Melt 2 - Mixed by Flying Lotus

“Lovers Melt 2 will hopefully be part of your summer sound. Some of my favorite songs ever.. Some you know, some you might not..” – Flying Lotus


Courtesy Brainfeeder


Eric Nord said...

The first eleven...

Styles P sample from "Hold On"
Bobby Womack live
Eddie Hazel "Frantic Moment"
Massive Attack "Be Thankful"
Curtis Mayfield "You're So Good To Me"
"Gimme Your Love" cover by ???
Stevie Wonder "Golden Lady"
Donald Byrd "Lansana's Priestess"
Bobby Caldwell "What You Won't Do"
Donald Byrd "Wind Parade"

pipomixes said...

thank you eric

Eric Nord said...

Wish I had time to ID more. I thought maybe I could make a serious dent in the tracklist. But then I realized how long the mix is. And the IDs seem to get a bit harder as the mix progresses. Great mix.

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary selection ! Only you can bring us great mixes like that

Thank you pipo !