D.O.C. Speaks on Reuniting with Dre, Badu, and Getting His Voice Back

Here is an excellent piece from the Dallas Observer about the legendary MC and ghostwriter, D.O.C. In the interview, D.O.C. discusses his falling out and reunion with Dr. Dre, moving back in with his baby mama Erykah Badu, his struggles with getting his business straight, and his substance abuse.  I found a story described at the end of the article to be very powerful.
"We all got love for each other," he says. "I love Dre like my fucking family."
Dre appears to feel the same way. One night in the studio a couple of weeks ago, he took a break from playing his new beats to put on a Beethoven symphony. As it played, Dre noted that the composer had created the work after he had gone deaf.
"And he drilled the point into my head — that most of Beethoven's greatest compositions were created after he lost his hearing," D.O.C. says. "I got the message."

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