NowtNewOutThere - Original Breaks Mix - Mixed by DJ Patience

A mix of original soul, funk and jazz vinyl that has been sampled by major Hip Hop artists with a few doubles, scratches and samples.

- includes Diamond D telling it how it is! ...


1: Bernard Herrman: Psycho OST
2: John Kasandra: Down Home Ups
3: Bob James: Shamboozie
4: Detroit Emeralds: You're Gettin a Little Too Smart
5: Idris Muhammed: Crab Apple
6: The Tramps: Rubberband
7: The Meters: Oh Calcutta!
8: You will have to find this record yourself!
9: Barry White: I Wanna Stay
10: Treacherous Three: Body Rock
11: Leon Haywood: I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
12: Earth Wind & Fire: On Your Face
13: Jean Carn: Don't Let It Go To Your Head
14: Unlimited Touch: I Hear Music In The Streets
15: Gwen McCrae: I've Got Nothing To Lose But The Blues
16: The Defelice Trio: There Was a Time

As always respect due to the original artists. Enjoy

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