101 Apparel Mixes

A bunch of sampler mixes to start the week off. 101 Apparel has been including "promo" mixes by some of the best deejays in the game with the purchase of a t-shirt. You can read Spinna's description of the above mix below, and sampler mixes by Rich Medina and Kon&Amir after the jump.

Throughout my years of digging for records I've always been particularly drawn to music that is heavily influenced by the electronic revolution. There was a long stretch where I would specifically hunt for Moog, New Age, Jazz Fusion, & experimental records... anything that involved synthesizers, but still had a groove. Upon the inquiry from 101 Apparel to come up with a concept for a mix my initial thought was it has to be unique. It was the opportune time for compiling tracks from past to present that capture the electronic experience. Future Shock is born and is without a doubt one of the most brain crushing mixes I've ever done! I hope you dig it" - DJ Spinna

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