AUTUMN BREEZE (2011) - Mixed by Fred Fades

Just trust me.

Threw together a little autumn mix for myself and whoever who digs it.
Mainly psych, progjazz, jazzfunk, jazzrock-ish stuff that sounds like autumn to me.
No editing, drops or effects this time. Just playing records after eachother.
This mix was made WITHOUT a compressor I usally use for my mixes, so I am not as pleased with the compression this time as I used a digital compressor and squeezed a little to hard.

Anyhow, good tunes and I think most of you will enjoy it.
If you got any track-ID questions - holler at Fredfades Jazzblaster on Facebook.

This mix + cover is dedicated to a important friend of my family that just passed away from us — she was deeply obsessed by the look of the nature during autumn..

Hope y'all enjoy it.



1 comment:

RLFM said...

hot damn pipo you were not playing around this week, all of these mixes have been on repeat all week with the exception of the matt africa mix which was still a good one, thanks man it still amazes me of how much my adoration for this blog grows so much still after visiting it for as long as i have. anyway, all praise aside, do you think you'll ever make some black pipomixes t's? i'm still holding out for anything other than grey