DRG Presents...DJ Melo-D (short film)

Always great to hear Melo-D mixing one of this vintage sets without some Vegas promoter breathing down his throat. The mini-documentary also gives some insight into how Melo-D first got started deejaying and the early days of the Beat Junkies. All of you L.A. heads may be particularly interested in hearing Melo-D explain the story behind him leaving 92.3 The Beat and Julio G's show. Can't believe it's been 10 years since I last heard Melo-D on the radio.


Eric Nord said...

good interview

Bowls said...

Nice post. Melo is in my personal Top 5.

Anonymous said...

Imagine this with decent sound, especially at the Do-Over. The footage is very nice so it really deserves close micing and a line recording from the mixer.
Keep it up. Melo-D is the man. Would love to see him live. Have to look at his set from Scratch Con now. To see more info please visit http://essayswriters.org/paper-writing/.