Kfe Yen Presents Chaophraya Chill - Mixed by Vinroc

High quality mix with Vinroc getting his I'm going to mix whatever the hell I want to mix on.  Description below.

My folks Jamin at Kafe Yen in San Diego reached out to me to do an Instrumental mix for his Thai restaurant. A lot of stuff I listen to personally is instrumental (most rappers ain't sayin sh!@ anyways) so I jumped at the opportunity because I knew I could be a bit adventurous with the playlist and drop some cool stuff I don't always get to play in front of a crowd. anyway peep my sh!@ and make sure to go get some Pad Thai next time your in SD at my Homie's spot. Music as varied as Fela Kuti to my folks TD Camp, and Roy Ayers..

Master Jedi Vinroc


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