Black Star - Definition/Re:Definition Live

The blog usually restricts video posts to clips about crate diggin', deejay performances, interviews, home studios, and beat making.  In other words, MC's don't normally get much video love on this blog.  This video is the exception because I think the video is a wonderful example of how much actual talent adds to a performance.  All the intangibles that Mos Def possesses add so much to this live Black Star performance.  Rarely do MC's sound better live than on record.  I'll take audio of this performance over the LP version any day.  All this coming from someone who has seen Black Star live multiple times (none of the performances as impressive as this video clip).

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Binh said...

Goosebumps. Every. Time.

And isn't it great seeing J.Rocc and his sort of trademark moves while enjoying the music...