Bootlegs & B-sides - Mixed by Pipomixes

I was originally working on a Dr. Dre mix but I got annoyed with how "clean" the mix was sounding so I abandoned the mix. Being annoyed with how clean the Dre mix was sounding and the general "cleaness" of musical sound these day, I went diggin' through my record collection to find records that would constitute a more raw, authentic sound. The frustrating thing about going through a record collection is that there is very little music that you can't find online through a few google searches. Even though the rarest of rare records can be found online these days, I decided to stick with records that I originally discovered only by buying white labels and looking on the b-side of better known 12" records. I'm sure you can find most (if not all of these joints online, but a lot of the music used on this mix is lost somewhere in the online abyss.  I've got to say that it was a lot of fun going through and finding all of these joints in my collection because many of these records were bought on just a hunch (especially the bootlegs). I've also got to add that for every quality bootleg that made this mix there's at least 3-4 wack bootlegs that I regret buying. I guess that's the fun and not so fun part of diggin' for records. Props to my man Derek at Manifest Worldwide for the cover art.  Support those that support this blog and check-out the t-shirt designs at Manifest. Tracklist after the jump.
Below, is the tracklist to the Bootleg & B-Sides mix (to the best of my recollection)

Everyday Struggle/Sinatra Remix (Biggie) * World is Yours (Jay Electronica) * World is Yours/Q-tip Remix (Nas) * 2000 Seasons (Reflection Eternal) * U Don't See Us/Madlib Remix (The Roots) * SoutherPlaya...Diamond Remix (Outkast) * Take it Back (Scarface) * Madlib Beat * Pan & Pen (ATCQ) * Fall in Love Remix (Slum Village) * Get it Up (Little Brother) * Midnight (ATCQ) * What More Can I Say/Dangermouse Remix (Jay-Z) * Bridging the Gap/Marley Marl Remix (Nas) * Natural (Gangstarr) * Give up the Goods (Mobb Deep) * Just to Get a Rep/Madlib Remix (Gangstarr) * Methods (Charizma) * Reality (Black Moon) * Ultimate/Show Remix (Artifacts) * Butter (ATCQ) * U Ain't a Killa (Big Pun) * Put it On/DJ Soul Remix (Big L) * Machine Gun Funk/Primo Mix (Biggie) * Come Together (The Roots) * Speak Ya Clout (Gangstarr) * Goodtimes (Ghostface) * LAX to JFK (Madlib) * If You Can Say (Mos Def) * Militia Remix (Gangstarr) * Think Twice (INI) * Step Up (INI) * Toos of the Trade (Smif n Wesson) * One Love Remix (Nas) * Damn/Buckwild Remix (Alkoholiks) * Astronaut Remix (Madlib) * Hard (Large Professor) * Give it to Yall (The U.N.) * Promo (Jungle Brothers) * If the Papes Come (ATCQ) * Story to Tell (Biggie) * Dimethy (Jay Electronica) * Give it to You Raw Remix (ODB) * Paid in Full (Rakim) * Can't Stop the Prophet Remix (Jeru)


Anonymous said...

Awesome, can't wait to hear it! Thanks, Pipo!

HecticEclectic said...

Lovin the grimy, blunted at 4 in the morning vibe

Anonymous said...

Love it. Top class!

p76 said...

thanks a lot, good mix but way to short


NICE!!! oops I mean ruff rugged and raw!!! This is just what i needed!!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT mix to start my day. in pipo we trust.

Tomazzo said...

Sterling work Sir Pipoton!

ADA said...

strong selection, haven't heard a lot of these remixes before. keep bringing the grittiness in 2012!

Eric Nord said...

Definitely some gems on here! Dr. Pipotron!

Sean said...

Tons of good stuff on here I haven't heard in a while, like that Charizma track. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Pipo dont just bring us the best of the web. You definitly have some skills and was in shape during that mix :)

Thank you my heeerrroooo :P

Anonymous said...

Nice work Pipo! My favourite mix of yours so far, was bumping it for the last few days. Nice track selection and clean mixing

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