Boundless & Nah Right Present : A DJ Clark Kent & Teddy King Mix

All that complaining about hip hop being dead, music sucking, no more quality deejays, blah blah blah, has got to go. Dope ish is alive and well on this blog and numerous soundcloud type accounts throughout the universe. I come across dope mixes on the daily. Way more than I post. I'd post it all as I get it, but that would be quality overload. Even too much of a good thing is bad. This mix via the the man who once had what I think is the best mix blog of them all,Dirt Castle C.E.O., Eric J. Nord


Eric Nord said...

The online mix scene has always been a team effort! I poached a lot of mixes from other blogs and sites (peace to Mr. Mass). During my blog tenure, I was lucky to catch a window where anonymous hosting was in its infancy. I hosted my own files, which was great for visitors. But it also meant I had to block Google search bots (so I wouldn't get overloaded with traffic).

It's great that so many hardcore DJs and collectors were able to find me over those, roughly, 2 years. Sure, I had a few exclusives and first-ups, but for the most part I relied on poaching and quality control.

I totally agree about the "state of hip hop". For me, hip hop is about opening the mind to all genres of music. That's what Herc and Bam did. That's where the genre comes from! Trans-Europe Express, The Mexican, Apache... think about it. Think about all those great samples from random sources. Hip Hop is more like a mix of genres, rather than a single genre.

I'll admit, I wish the "rap" scene were a little healthier right now. We all miss 90s hip hop. But anyone who complains about a lack of good music is just lazy. If you can't find enough good music, then you need to come over to my apartment with a hard drive. I'll give you enough music to last 20 years.

Keep on doin' it big, Pipo!

Catherine Bradley said...

Hey guys! Your words are true and I completely agree with you. This music is not dead and would never ever die. Thanks for the mix, it is amazing!