Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Live at Mighty SF.

This is a must listen. Seems like San Fran is hogging all the dope shows these days. NYC rap radio legends Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia invaded SF last Thursday as part of Red Bull Music Academy‘s stupendous “NYC to SF Bay” program of events. After chopping it up with Egotrip's Chairman Mao in an afternoon lecture dedicated to the history of the duo’s exalted ’90s hip-hop broadcast, the mighty Stretch n’ Bob (and Shortkut of the Skratch Piklz) treated Mighty SF with a night of soul, funk, breaks, and classic hip-hop as only these spin doctors can put it down. 4-part embedded stream after the jump.


Eric Nord said...

alas, offliberty doesn't work at rbma.

anyone know a quick way to grab this?

Anonymous said...

Take a tape recorder and press record