Public Service Announcement

The cornerstone of this blog's success is that one day you may hear a BeatJunkie mix and the next day you may hear a mix from an unknown DJ. Regardless of the dj's notoriety, the mix quality is the same. As a result, the mix submissions from many of you are integral to the blog. I just want to let everybody know that I'm getting all your submissions and doing my best to listen to them and post them in a timely manner. I spend most of my evenings with my iPhone headphones on listening to mixes while praying that my daughter stays asleep. As a result, your mixes are much more likely to be heard if they are uploaded via soundcloud (I love their app). I post all dope mixes I hear, though I don't hear all mixes. Don't be afraid to email me twice (3 times may be pushing it though) because it is not uncommon for mixes to get buried in my inbox. I know how badly djs want and need an audience. I know that this blog is a great outlet for many of you. Stay patient, keep at it, and have faith that game will ultimately recognize game.




Patrick Nathan Crowell said...

PBS- made possible by viewers like you
Pipomixes- made possible by heads like you.

Much love to all you cats who are making fire to bring to this site, and to Pipomixes the man for being so true to the spirit of the damn thing. This is the form of cultural greatness manifest, where the dedication of artisans is reflected to the public for their enjoyment. In many respects, this is where the underground take on new life, because we are all reflected here, equally. Thanks for bringing such a pure site site to the game, the magic just doesn't flow so fluidly on other forums/ blogs.

pipomixes said...

Wow. thank you for the very kind words