RBMA Featuring Maseo of De la Soul

I've never met the dude, but Maseo has always given me the impression that he's a hip hop head's hip hop head. Maseo talks about how Kool Keith and Ultra Magnetic inspired De La's steez, the impact of 3 Feet High and Rising on the "business" of sampling, and Dilla. Listening to Ali Shaheed and Maseo discuss how much those sampling lawsuits financially hurt them really highlights how all the sampling laws really crippled many of our favorite producers from the 90's era.


thehiphopdepot said...

First concert ever, De La Soul on October 14th, 1994.. Maseo did a Dj set before the concert,, Blew my mind!!

Patrick Nathan Crowell said...

That was really inspiring, I really look forward to follow up to Grind Date. also DJ Rhettmatic in the house.