Waajeed's 10 Favorite Dilla Sample Flips

Some leftovers from Dilla Day. Below description taken from Egotripland.  Article can be read HERE.

Many of us may claim kinship with the music of the late, great J Dilla, a/k/a Jay Dee, but far fewer can claim to have been down with the man himself. Waajeed is one of those special few. A high school pal of Jay Dee’s back in Detroit, and an early member of Slum Village (back when the crew was rolling under the name Ssenepod, i.e. “dopeness” spelled backwards), Jeedo got his start in production when he bought Dilla’s old MPC and taught himself the art of beat-making. His tracks have since graced the efforts of Slum, Invincible, Tiombe Lockhart, and his own band with Saadiq, Platinum Pied Pipers (whose 2005 debut Triple P remains one of the great nu-soul/hip-hop efforts of the aughts). Waajeed’s latest endeavors include his Electric Street Orchestra project – still incubating and featuring collabs with what sounds like a who’s who of underground music luminaries across genres – as well as a documentary film on the life of J Dilla. His newly relaunched site, bling47.com, is the web manifestation of his Bling 47 creative organization (which has included a label and management team), and features an excellent ongoing video series entitled “Bling 47 Breaks” dedicated to sample spotting within the Dilla ouevre. On this, what would have been J Dilla’s 38th birthday, who better to present a special commemorative list of his 10 favorite Dilla sample flips than his friend and colleague, Waajeed. J Dilla, RIP.

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