Best of Nate Dogg - Mixed by J. Period

True story. After 2pac died and Dre and Snoop left Deathrow Records, Deathrow was notorious for pushing back release dates for the talent still "stranded" on the Row. One of those artists was Nate Dogg. I remember going to my local Tower Records at least half a dozen times to buy Nate Dogg's G Funk Classics Vol.1 only to be told that the release had been pushed back again. I tell that story to show how hardcore of a Nate Dogg fan I was at one point in time. I've also yet to hear a Nate Dogg mix from a deejay who gives me the impression that he was anywhere close to as hardcore of a Nate Dogg fan as I was. Hell, I knew girls in high school that could put together a better Nate Dogg tracklist than most of the Nate Dogg mixes I heard over the weekend. Most of these mixes sound like they were made by deejays who only know Nate's catalog from his classic appearances on Dr. Dre's 2001. I'm not dissin' (well, I guess I am), but most of these deejays are sleeping on a lot of Nate Dogg gems. I still say that Steve1der's Nate Dogg mix is the best I've heard (2nd only to the mix in my head that I've yet to do lol). However, I can't post that mix for a fourth time. So here's another Nate Dogg mix that will do for now. Actually, the mix is put together quite nicely and deserving of a post because Nate Dogg's music deserves shine. Enjoy


The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Maybe it's just being a Southern Californian but everytime I see or hear Tower Records I think of Depeche Mode. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Much love to the late great Nate Dogg, but I think Steve 1der nailed it pretty well with his tribute mix last year.