DJ Red Alert's Final KISS Mix (Thank You Mix Part 2)

I have hated ESPN for many years now. In my view, ESPN has ruined sports. I am a big sports fan, but I find myself watching less and less sports these days because I just can't stand the power of ESPN and its ability to dictate what's hot and what's not in the world of sports. Not that sports is really that important in the grand scheme of things, but if you consider the impact that sports has on society (for better or for worse) it then becomes a little scary when one considers the power of ESPN. Why the ESPN rant? Well, 98.7 KISS in New York is no more in order to make way for ESPN programming. Here is Red Alert's final mix on the legendary NYC radio station. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I watch ESPN all the time, I just take the useful 10% and don't pay attention to the other 90%. It's like hanging out with my friends.

Unknown said...

I hear u about ESPN's grip on the world of sports, and this is coming from a sports fan. Although, u can't blame ESPN for knocking out KISS FM.

I live in NYC, I grew up on KISS FM and WBLS. KISS FM and WBLS are the only stations I listen to because they're the last of the "real music" stations.

I remember the days of going to a club named "Bentley's" and KISS would broadcast from there. Red would spin the records an they would allow u to come to the DJ booth to give on air shout outs. I remember sitting at home on the weekend, listening to Red Alert, Chuck Chill Out, Kid Capri, an even Funk Master Flex, and taping their shows in my TDK tapes. The radio DJ is a lost art that needs to come back badly.

If anyone is at fault, it's the Ennis Corpration for going bankrupt and having not only KISS, but other stations under they corporation, having to shut down. People have been blaming ESPN and the Disney Corporation for KISS being shut down and it's really not they're fault. Sports Radio has been trying to get on the FM station for the longest. Sports talk has made it's way to people's daily routine and it's only fair they take a shot a FM stations.

So as a sports and Hip-Hop, please don't blame ESPN and please continue to keep the memory and importance of KISS FM alive and well. Any of you folks out there who may still have their old tapes of
old shows, load them up on this site to give these kats out here a history lesson of what real Hip-Hop was all about. Sorry for the rant, I get a Lil carried away. Keep doing what u doing Pipomixes.

Peace and Blessings. 1

Anonymous said...

NEED this DL part 1 yesterday and noticed this one had reached DL limit on Soundcloud....Fu*k!
Any suggestions anyone??

pipomixes said...

Rahsaan Hunt,

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. You are right. I don't blame ESPN/Disney. ESPN/Disney is only doing what every corporation is designed to do, maximize profit for their shareholders. Obviously, we as hip hoppers are all saddened that in this case it will result in the loss of a historical NYC radio station. So just to be clear, I don't "blame" ESPN. I was just using it (tongue in cheeck) as another reason to hate on ESPN (which I enjoy doing from time to time).

Thank you for supporting the blog.

Unknown said...

It's so funny u wrote that because I re-read what u wrote and put two and two together. All weekend long I've been hearing people blame Disney/ESPN and I got on the defensive for the "mothership". I apologize. But it's still sad that KISS had to go out like it did. Did anyone listen to part 2 of the mix? I hear it's awesome. I haven't heard either parts yet, but I know it's good.

Memo said...

Something tells me your least favorite ESPN "personality" is Stuart Scott.

pipomixes said...

Stuart Scott is kinda annoying, but I just get annoyed with anything and anybody on ESPN. Just compare TNT's coverage of the NBA to the ESPN's coverage. The guys on TNT don't make everything seem so ALL IMPORTANT. ESPN is formulaic, and that formula is taken straight from cable news (which I also can't stand). Anyway, thanks for getting me started again. By the way, I remember Stuart Scott way back in the mid 90's when he was just getting his start. He was kind of fresh then, but his whole schtick is played. Off my soapbox

Rachel Nichols said...

J.T. the Brick is the biggest blowhard in sports broadcasting.