Cooking Ingredients - Mixed by J.Rocc

Here's the first re-upload of the season.  The first 100 people get the download, everybody else can use offliberty.  Feel free to leave your re-up requests in the comments section.  Enjoy.


Steve Dub said...

Thank you for this re-up! More J.Rocc mixes please, there are a lot that I don't have that you've posted in the past. Thanks!

pipomixes said...


Let me know specifically which ones need to be re-upped because most of the links to the J.Rocc mixes I checked are still good so I need to know which ones aren't.

Steve Dub said...

OK here are the ones I'd like that are down. Most of them are z-share so that's prob why they are down.

Choice Cuts: Live in Dublin - Mixed by J.Rocc

Funk & Rock & Soul Mix - Mixed by J. Rocc

Cooking Ingredients - Mixed by J. Rocc

J.Rocc Mix on BBC 1Xtra with Benji B

Blunt Sessions Vol. 1: Mixed by J.Rocc and DJ Rhettmatic

Everybody Loves Some Kind of Music - Mixed by J. Rocc

Now That's What I Call Hip Hop Vol. 2 - Mixed by J. Rocc

Jazzy Grooves Vol. 6 - Mixed by J. Rocc

Viajeros Locos - Mixed by J. Rocc

Breaking Atoms - Mixed by J. Rocc

World Famous Joints Vol. 2 - Mixed by J. Rocc & Babu

Concrete Beats Vol. 1 - Mixed by J. Rocc

Turntable Language - Mixed by J. Rocc

Yo! 45 Raps Vol. 2 - Mixed by J. Rocc

Eric Nord said...

What was the bit rate quality of the original download?

I assume the offliberty version will be 128k.

Eric Nord said...

wow. 320 is damn good.

Eric Nord said...

I went looking for this on another site... but couldn't find it. Someone who downloaded it should up it to Mediafire and post a link. (-: Please. :-)

pipomixes said...

I'll do it tomorrow ejn

Eric Nord said...

I was thinking someone in the peanut gallery. But straight from the source works too! ;-)

pipomixes said...

Eric Nord said...

I don't mean to look a gift horse in the mouth... but the mediafire DL is a 134kb file. What happened to the 320kb file? Just checking... not a complaint :-)

pipomixes said...

Not sure??? It's says 320 but it's been so long since I downloaded it Im not really sure. Maybe I posted the wrong link. I'll get back to u on this

Eric Nord said...

No worries, homie pipo. The size of the file says it all. A 40 minute mp3 at 320kb encoding would be around 90MB.

Memo said...

I was gonna upload the 320kb file....then I realized that my download cut short for some reason.

pipomixes said...

I double-checked the link and it says 42mb. It may not be 320, but it certainly is a larger file than 192kb

Eric Nord said...

In iTunes, you can right click and go to Get Info.

...alas it's 134kb.

But hey... I ain't mad... it's still dope at 134kb! :-)