J. Rocc at The Booth SF (2000)

Here's an older video of J. Rocc before he cut his dreds and owned a Mac. Is it me or does it seem like deejays actually mixed "faster" when they would have to dig for records instead of using their computers? On another observatory note, looking at the crowd made me reminisce to my hip hop state of mind circa 2000. Back in 2000 it felt like the golden era was so far gone when the reality was that 2000 was only a few years removed from hip hop's so called golden era of ATCQ, Wu-Tang, Deathrow, Bad Boy, De la Soul, etc... Now twelve years later, it really feels like the golden era is as much history as the days of Motown. I wonder how I'll feel about my 2012 state of mind twenty years from now?

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