Crate Diggers - Cut Chemist

If deejays ruled the world there would be a new episode at least once a week. There are enough deejays to the point a web series for a cable station exists.

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primeselect said...

really impressed @how organized cut is with the wax. It's a constant l(losing) battle trying to keep things clean, while at the same time use em and dig for more, adding to the collection. Having seen others in this series and older footage from other sources, it's amazing how clean Cut'’s 'stable' is.

Fuse is on a roll with Jazzy Jeff, J. Rocc, and now Cut. Naturally if you wanna keep it strong, they gotta expose
?uestlove and Shadow. They should make each successive episode longer as the collections get outta hand or even do part IIs .

Who's next?