Mathew Africa R.I.P.

While surfing the web over the weekend I learned that Bay Area deejay, Mathew Africa died last week.  Mathew Africa's mixes are a favorite of many who frequent this blog.  I didn't know him personally, but I did know that he was a regular visitor of this blog because I would receive an email thanking me for posting his mixes each and every single time one of his mixes would grace the blog.  I think all deejays share two characteristics, a passion for music and a very strong aspiration to be heard.  Clearly, Mathew Africa's life was way too short.  To honor him I encourage all of you to hear him via his blog and podomatic page.


The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

I wasn't fan of his mixes but Matthew Africa was true deejay. He wasn't content to playing the same old radio hits every other "DJ" plays nowadays. He wasn't afraid to dig for his music. He didn't pander to the crowd and he was fortunate to find an audience that loved his track selection. While most dj's try to be liked and follow the crowd He played what he wanted and the crowd followed him. Most DJ's will never reach that level.He gets mad props in my book. RIP Matthew Africa.

analoghdesc said...

only been up on Mathew for a few months since i was put onto Pipomixes.

he's made my work days highly tolerable

Mathew thanks for blessing mine and other ears.

Rest In Peace and Chi be pon you.


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lightningclap said...

Oh man, never met him, but he had his own unique taste in music, which distinguishes the real DJs for me. I know he was holding it down for Oaktown in some bars around there.

I appreciated what he was doing. Damn!

Anonymous said...

one of the first dh's I posted on my short lived blogspot

I enjoyed the mixes he put out, especially the best of dj quik


Anonymous said...

RIP. The Plays Seven Inches Mix of straight 45s was incredible. Thank you DJ.

Unknown said...

ah that is sad, I was hoping to catch him at one of his nights when next in the states, loved his 45s mix and a lot of his radio shows and didn't realise he was the opener for the product placement tour.

RIP Matthew.