Gang Starr on Giles Peterson Show (11/03)

For some reason it really kinda hit me for the first time listening to this playback that there will be no more Gang Starr albums. I just always assumed that Gang Starr would forever have one more album left in them. It's sad how death reminds of how we take so much for granted only to forget again. Listening to Guru being interviewed really cemented the reality that we will never again hear Guru's monotone flow perfectly syncopated over a Premier instrumental. I highly recommend listening for the following reasons:

- Premier mixes an excellent live set of classic "rare grooves." Or, pimp smoke as Premier refers to them.
- Very funny to hear the interview immediately begin with Primo object to Giles Peterson greet the two with "hello boys." Guru's nervous laughter speaks volumes for Premier's clear disdain for being called "boy."
- Premier is a dope deejay, but his mixing style isn't exactly "clean." As a result, his style is much better suited for the live, radio mixing format more so than the recorded mixtape style format.
- Man, I miss Gang Starr

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Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Keith. Above the clouds, above the clouds...