Reggae Xmas - Mixed by Impala Sound

The soundtrack to my Wednesday evening.

Here it is for everybody that hit me up and asked me to put this up again... Made this Mix a couple years ago, but I've made some new friends since then and wanted to share.

This is a mix of Reggae/ ska/ rocksteady tracks from the 60's and 70's with a holiday edge. Family friendly alternative to the standard seasonal soundtrack.

I realized while making this that there is probably no genre of music with a wider disparity in quality than Christmas Reggae. THis is the good stuff.
Anything outside of this mix should be approached with extreme caution.

Share and enjoy. Merry Christmas n' Happy Holidaze from Impala Sound Champions!

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masterofceremonies said...

Not to discount this heady Impala Sound mix, but for the past 6 years I've been loving Reggaexx's efforts (his Halloween mixes, particularly 2006, trump his Christmas collections). From the flow of his sound, you'd never guess that he's a middle-aged dad living in Maryland.

Happy Holidays!