Strange Games & Funky Things Volume 5 - Mixed by DJ Spinna

Out of all the big name deejays, I think Spinna has been releasing more "official" mixtapes than any of them. No recorded live mixes or radio spot garbage, but an actual mixtape with noticeable thought and planning behind it. Props to Spinna. Highly Recommended mix. BTW, Word on the tweet is that the Polyrythm Addicts are back in studio.
 The Strange Games series...which began in the summer of 1997, represents the blueprint for modern R&B and rap music. It joins the dots between 70's soul, 80's rare groove and 90's mass market hip hop. This compilation contains a wide variety of styles of tracks, from classic dance-floor fillers as well as lesser known delights. A more accessible diggers delight if you wish with an emphasis on quality tracks and not just songs worth having for a 2 second sample. Featuring a much more worldly selection than its predecessors - tracks by the multi platinum selling WAR to Sylvia (founder of Sugarhill Records) sit side by side with world music underground icons like C.K. Mann and Francisco Aguabella. This volume is the 5th in a series of compilations that appears to have the widest appeal of all BBE's compilations and proves to be even better by the fact that there is a bonus mixed CD by the one and only Dj Spinna!

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