Brasiliana: Lounge From Another World - Mixed by DJ Haylow

The description below pretty much sums it up.

This mix by DJ Haylow is more than just a compilation of songs. It is a mindset.

Brasiliana takes place in the late 60′s, early 70′s, and it is truly a beautiful place. The vibe is one of pipes and smoking jackets while entertaining a social event in your mod style case study house overlooking the city, or it could be a relaxing day on a deserted white sand beach. Either way, Brasiliana is musical enjoyment at the fullest, designed to paint a picture of another world and era. An assortment of lounge music, you will hear bossa nova, samba, and jazz by Brazilian, Italian, and American artists, singers, composers, musicians, and arrangers. There is no limit to instrumentation, as each song holds unique qualities that make them different from the next, though the mix in it’s entirety has a marvelously cohesive sound that makes it an easy listen from start to finish.
This is a glimpse into a time that sparks intrigue, style, fascination, and wonderment.

Welcome to Brasiliana.

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