Live at Soda Pop - Mixed by DJ Excel

If hip hop deejays had existed back in the days bee-bop and early rock'n'roll, their mixes would have sounded something like this.

Hands down, one of my favorite parties to play. Not just in LA but state wide. Pretty simple concept. Classics. Nothing newer than 1979 & No Disco. Yeah, this party is not for the light crated DJ. Nor is it for the close minded 23 year old club goer. You really have to be stacked up on classic rock & soul & have knowledge of playing it. No 8 bar intros here kids. Needless to say this party is packed every week & you pretty much have to force them to leave when the lights are on.

I've been meaning to record a set here for a while. Last night, I finally did.

Combined, it's a 3 hour set of grooves. #DOTHEKNOWLEDGE and get familiar with the music your parents #SLEWFOOTED to.


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