Splash Mag. Interviews J. Rocc

Here is an interview of J. Rocc from last year while he was promoting his Some Cold Rock Stuff LP. The interview has J. Rocc sharing some interesting tidbits about the type of music he listens to and what he looks for in a mix.


Eric Nord said...

It's true: there's something new going on in Los Angeles right now. Some good examples of this new movement are Brainfeeder, Low End Theory, and Soulection. I think J is right that Dilla was a big influence. But it's bigger than Dilla. For starters, the Wake Up Show, Friday Night Flavas, and the Beat Junkies fostered a thriving hip hop scene. Daddy Kev (who founded Low End Theory and Alpha Pup) has been shaking things up for decades (anyone remember Konkrete Jungle?). And Stones Throw has clearly played a big role supporting our most esteemed producer (Madlib) and DJ (J.Rocc, of course). And as J points out, people are migrating here to L.A. because the music scene is open to new sounds. I know this new movement is not everyone's cup of tea. To each... their own. But if you are interested, check out Soulection.


Eric Nord said...

Oh, and of course can't forget Fat Beats, Turntable Lab, and Amoeba.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the soulection link Eric!