Crate Diggers: Adrian Younge

I am slowly making my push to become president of the Adrian Younge fan club.  His talent and fusion of old and new is where hip hop needs to go.

 In this episode, Adrian Younge shows off the record store he created at  the Artform Studio, explains the influence European composers have on  Wu-Tang and hip hop, and teaches how to pick records based on their  cover art.


Jason @ PSB said...

Personally, I was on the fence with this episode. Everything he says is so true, but at the same time it's everything I hate about digging. It's not a science, it's about the records. But yeah. I probably hate/love it so much cause it's truth.

Eric Nord said...

Good stuff.

That "In Search Of..." show was my shit back in the day.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jason this bloke is dressing all this up as something more complicated/pretentious than it is. To say that Wu tang are like morricone because of the "compositional style" is nonsense. THe reason they sound similar/the same is because they straight off sampled morricone. They didn't do anything to the samples. They straight off looped the stuff. THere aint nothing wrong with that. Sampling is hip hop. But for crying out loud call it like it is. The only thing that is remarkable is that black kids from new york are listening to Morricone in the first place. Morricone was one serious musician.