Interview with Mark Katz, author of "Groove Music"

Pipomixes' nominee for top mix of 2012, DJ Ada provides an insightful interview with the author of Groove Music: The Art and Culture of the Hip Hop DJ, Mark Katz. Ada's description of the interview below.
A few months ago I heard author/professor Mark Katz interviewed on Billy Jam's "Put the Needle On The Record" Radio show. I'd heard about Groove Music and had been meaning to read it, but it wasn't until after hearing Mark speak with Billy Jam (Hip Hop Slam) that I immediately ordered the book and proceeded to devour every page. I like to read and am a Hip Hop DJ myself, so there was no excuse not to read this. I'd read other books that touch on turntablism (notables I recommend: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, Can't Stop Won't Stop, & Making Beats: The Art of Sample-Based Hip Hop), but this is the first book I'd ever seen to focus exclusively on the topic of Hip Hop DJing.

Mark does an excellent job breaking down the history and culture of Hip Hop DJs, often going straight to the source and letting the pioneers themselves share their stories. He builds on what those other books I mentioned started, but takes it to levels never before seen in print (for example, going deep into the famous "ISP vs. X-Men" battle from 1996). Mark writes with a scholarly flare that reflects his academic background, which makes the book even more engaging because he's able to draw some really interesting connections and conclusions. He also writes with a passion that's contagious and treats the subject matter with the utmost respect. Needless to say, it's become my new favorite book and I can't thank him enough for writing it.

Mark was kind enough to answer some questions after I reached out to him. Check it out HERE.

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