Junkies Spring Break (SXSW 3/14/13) - DJ Rhettmatic & DJ Shorkut

This is a live recording of Rhettmatic's & Shortkut's 2x4 set at "The Junkies Spring Break" at The 2013 SXSW in Austin, Tx. The guys were basically going back and forth & simitaneously mixing & improvising on the spot, Beat Junkie Style! First Light aka Opio & Pep Love were hosting the event, plus Houseshoes & Dj Expo were spining the opening set. Along with the improvise set, a live mic cypher broke out with the legendary Souls Of Mischief. Check out the live recording as Shortkut & Rhettmatic goes across the board and play alot of different music genres yet keepin the Funk goin.....Beat Junkie Style!



biff said...

No link for listening or download

pipomixes said...

link updated. Sorry about that