Lord Finesse - Live From Tokyo Pt.1 (Soundwave Tour 2.14.13)

Update: 9 minutes into this bad boy and I'm very impressed so far.  Highly Recommended (at the 9 minute mark at least)

2nd Update: Now 17 minutes in and I think this might be the mix of the year so far.  Perfect way to go into the weekend.
If Lord Finesse was a baseball player he'd be in the Robert Hall of Fame for his Triple Crown record in hip-hop. Whether he's on the microphone, drum machine, or turntables, you know he'll be chasing that MVP crown. Last month The Underboss and Slice Of Spice hit Japan for the 'Soundwave Tour' where Finesse tore it up on the 1s and 2s. We recorded a live 2 hour set on 2.14.13 in Tokyo and as promised we're sharing it with all his fans in two FREE DOWNLOAD installments. ENJOY!

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Eric Nord said...

I wonder who did that Nautilus interpolation.