Twelve 12's Live Mix (Beatnuts Special) - DJ Superix

Props on the theme, props on the mix. Download can be found HERE.

The ‘Twelve 12s’ series is back with our 48th installment once again and another one from myself – Superix with an ALL Vinyl ALL live Beatnuts production special!
‘The Beatnuts are unquestionably one of the greatest production outfits in hip hop that we’ve ever known and also one of my own personal favorite groups.  Over the years, they have not only worked as producers & remix specialists for some of hip hops elite artists – they also established themselves as great artists in their own right making some truly bonafide classic albums & EPs, plus a ton of great instrumental projects on the side. I’ve put together some of my personal favorites here from mostly their earlier years, that both includes their solo records and a few lesser known killer remixes. Hope you enjoy the mix!’

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