Gangstas Don't Rap They Boogie Vol. 3 - Mixed by Fredfades

For some reason I thought I had posted this mix weeks ago when it originally hit the web. The more I think about mix series with multiple volumes the more I think that later volumes tend to be better than earlier ones (unlike most movies with multiple volumes). This third volume of Fredfades' Gangstas Don't Rap series is no exception to the rule. All sorts of funky jams here.
Here we go again. The third installment in my boogie mix series.
This is the mix I'm most satisfied with out of all my mixes.
All records are original first press copies, except from the Pyramid Plus (obviously).. Some of them dollarbin-jams, some of them very rare. Most of the tracks are from 45's, but there's a few 12"s & LP cuts in there aswell. Most of the stuff is indie or private 1980-1986 boogie/electric modern soul/boogiefunk records. Two of them are edits I did, the rest is untouched.

If you're in Oslo, be sure to visit our killer discoboogieparty at the top of the Rockefeller buildin, saturday the 4th of May. The party will be off the hook. If you're not in Oslo, make sure you fly out for that shit.

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