Solid Steel Radio Show (4/19/13) Featuring DJ Food

Trust me when I say that all of you will really enjoy this.

DJ Food turns back the clock in our 25th Anniversary slot and following a request for an old school Hip Hop set for the De:Tuned party in Antwerp earlier this week, Strictly Kev put this special party mix together to rock the dancefloor. Solid Steel however gets an exclusive to kick things off in the form of excerpts from his first ever recorded mix, unheard by anyone except close friends and hidden on tape for 25 years.
Back in '87 his DJ (and graffiti) name was D-Vice and the 'Soundlab mix' (named after his 2nd mixer, made by Soundlab) was made between 1987-88 on his first two belt-driven decks (only one with a pitch control) and a pause button tape deck. A Strictly Old School Special.

PART 3 + 4 - DJ Food

DJ D-Vice _ Soundlab mix 1987-88 (excerpts) _ unreleased
Run-DMC _ Beats To The Rhyme _ Profile
Coldcut _ Beats & Pieces _ Ahead of Our Time
Beat Bytes _ Drop _ White
Mac Attack _ The Art of Drums (Wicked Dance Mix) _ Baad Records
Man Parrish _ Hey There, Home Boys _ Sugarscoop
Jazzy Jay _ Son Of Beat Street _ Atlantic
Eric B & Rakim _ Follow The Leader (acappella) _ 4th & B'Way
Gang Starr / G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid _ Play That Beat '99 _ white
The Herbaliser _ Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks _ Ninja Tune
Boogie Boys _ Break Dancer _ Capitol
Razorcuts _ A Tribute To Grandmaster Flash _ 33 Throwdown Recordings
3rd Bass _ The Cactus (Mr Mojo Risin' Mix) _ Def Jam
Big Daddy Kane _ Raw _ Cold Chillin'
DJ Format _ Stealin' James Pt.1 _ white
Major Force _ Re-Return of the Original Artform (Cut Chemist remix) _ Mo Wax
DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip _ Rhythm Is The Master (acappella) _ Mercury
Information Society _ Hack 1 _ Tommy Boy
Art of Noise _ Close To The Edit (Rhythm re-edit) _ mp3
Doug Lazy _ Let It Roll _ Atantic
Cookie Crew _ Born this Way _ FFRR
Steinski _ Get Up & Dance _ unreleased
Deee-Lite _ Groove Is In The Heart (Sampledelic remix) _ Elektra
Double Dee & Steinski _ Lesson 3 _ white
Paris _ The Devil Made Me Do It _ Tommy Boy
Hijack _ Hold No Hostage _ Music Of Life
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force _ Renegades of Funk (DJ Wildthing Zulu Funk re-edit) _ mp3
3D _ Tommy Boy Megamix _ Tommy Boy
Grandmaster Flash _ Scorpio (Pojmasta remix) _ mp3
Noise & Paradox _ Just Begun _ Nine Bar
Jadell _ Break To The Beat _ Rocstar Recrdings

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