Bizarre Tribe: Access Denied

The bad news is that this excellently mixed/produced remix album will no longer be available (at least through conventional channels).  The good news is that those who actually bought the vinyl will likely see their $15 investment appreciate exponentially.  For some reason I never got around to downloading this project though I listened to it several times and enjoyed it.  I'd appreciate if any of you would email me a link/copy of a quality file of this project (
Dear Friends,

Last Friday, Sony Music sent Gummy Soul a cease and desist order for Amerigo Gazaway's "Bizarre Tribe: A Quest To The Pharcyde".
As owners of A Tribe Called Quest's catalog, Sony is claiming copyright infringement and has demanded that we take the album down immediately or face further litigation for damages.
While less than 3 minutes of the 55 minute Bizarre Tribe experience is Sony owned ATCQ material (you'll remember Amerigo flipped the original sourced records Tribe SAMPLED, as opposed to having sampled their music directly), Sony feels that our project is non-transformative, and is in direct competition with original A Tribe Called Quest material.
Though we are confident that our work falls under "fair use" as defined by the Copyright Act of 1976, (something we explain further in our open letter response , we cannot afford to take on a Goliath like Sony Music. Due to the sheer amount of samples required to create this project, it would be impossible for a label of our size to release Bizarre Tribe through traditional means. Although Bizarre Tribe has always been available for free, Sony is demanding our immediate compliance.
As of now, Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde is no longer available through Gummy Soul Records. If you would like to get involved, we have provided a few easy ways for you to help.


Anonymous said...

Industry rule number 4080: Record company people are shadyyyyyyy.

pipomixes said...

Quite ironic that lyric was released by an artist on an album, released by the very same label shutting down said album. I guess if you're Gummy Soul, you're hoping this scenario (which is very similar to what happened to the Grey Album) plays out like it did for Danger Mouse's career.

Memo said...

You've got mail.

Cicily Tyson said...

Unless Gummy Soul get a big fat guy who sings horrible, yet good at the same time, I don't see another Danger Mouse happening any time soon