Jeremy Sole Live at Do-Over L.A. (6/9/13)

Some of you were quite critical of the Do-Over mixes that were posted some 10 days ago. This Jeremy Sole mix will be more up the alley for most of you. It's hard to describe this mix other than you'll hear all sorts of music you'll recognize, but not exactly how you remember it. I started thinking to myself while listening to this mix that music technology has allowed deejays/producers to so easily create and proliferate remixes that I'm not even sure sometimes what is an actual creative blend versus a produced remix. The vast quantity of music available makes it very difficult these days to be familiar enough with music to know when the deejay is actually putting in work. With this particular mix, I have no idea how much is "mixed" versus how much consists of well produced remixes (or original production for all that I know). Either way, I found the music on this mix to be very enjoyable and seamless.


analoghdesc said...

ok your right dude murdered this mix and the highlight was that song from the mel gibson film (can't remember either) it starts just after the Fela track

Anonymous said...

This guy knows his way around effects knobs, especially that delay dayumm.

Anonymous said...

I like the mix except the fact that he dropped the Lil Jon/Usher 'Ya' synth line. Come on DJ! That sample has 0 funk value. we get that you have some skills with the remixing, but you ain't above the law man.

thats almost as bad as playing Kriss Kross and house of pain jump tracks back to back, man you wiggity wiggity wack.