DJ Rhettmatic Live at Do-Over

A few of you were really hating on this mix a couple of weeks ago when the audio was posted. Though I thought some of the criticism was a little harsh, I could understand where the critics were coming from.  With that in mind, I was surprised by how much my opinion on the mix changed while watching video of Rhettmatic performing the mix.  Anybody else care to repent?

In a related note:  Click to the youtube page to see one of the funnier comments I've read in recent memory.

do over is a gathering in which the most prolific and elite dickriders get to rub shoulders with their favorite djs.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I don't understand how watching the same mix would give you a different outlook on the actual mix?
I rarely comment, but I was actually one of the people after these mixes were initially posted who was defending them because to me if you DJ a party it's more about keeping the crowd moving and track selection. What's funny is, my comment was mainly regarding Rob Swift's mix......but the more I've listened to Rhettmatic's, I think it is a bit shoddy for a DJ of his caliber. I there really an excuse for several tracks being mixed sloppily?? (although I liked his track selection too)

pipomixes said...

I'm with you in terms of seeing nothing wrong with the track selection given the event and expectations (party rocking). I was initially disappointed because I thought all three mixes were technically below what I would expect from Jazzy Jeff, Rhettmatic, and Rob Swift. Even within the constraints of live/freestyle mixing, I expect more from those deejays. With all that said, watching the video of Rhettmatic's set I was able to see how technically tight the mix was. I don't know why it happened, but I watching the video made me appreciate how much went into the mix. I really can't answer why I wasn't able to "hear" it through just the audio version (perhaps that's a testament to Rhett's skills).