Crate Diggers: DJ Eclipse

I'm sure most of you have already seen this, but I'll post it anyway in case anybody hasn't. I think this is my favorite episode to date because it shows a side of record collecting that I think many of you can identify with. You know, the part of crate diggin' where stacks of records are right next to baby strollers and home studios have to make room for the baby's nursery. Speaking of which. How does that work? 90% of my turntable time occurs while my baby is sleeping. So I'm trying to figure out how Eclipse gets into his studio when it's located in the same room where the baby sleeps. Why not move the studio to the master bedroom or living room for that matter? In a related note, if a Mrs. Eclipse exists, there should be a special place in heaven for her for allowing so many records in her apartment. On the other hand, I'm going to bet that Mrs. Eclipse is the reason why the studio is in the baby's room and not the master bedroom. If that's the case, never mind about that whole special place in heaven crap.

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