Freeze - Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow

Cut and Shadow's Brainfreeze mix is classic on many levels. For whatever reason, I never showed any interest in watching this video of the two performing the Brainfreeze mix live. For a good 5-10 years, I would see this VHS (back when people owned such things) everywhere I would go. You'd think I'd eventually breakdown and cop the VHS. It's not like I'm above buying wack ish (not that this is wack by any means). Long story short, I highly recommend you watch this video if you are dumb like me and just refused to buy it for no good reason. I even recommend you watch it again if you were smart enough to watch it back in the day. These two were/are way ahead of their time.


DJ Ian Head said...

HIGH LEVEL DJING. Never saw the video either, didn't know bout that dope Z-Trip set.

Eric Nord said...

Nu-Mark and Z-Trip doing a bit of upstaging.