Hip Hop Vol. VII (1999) - Mixed by DJ Excel

Here's a nice little piece of history from Excel's mixtape archive from his early days on the tables.  I'll let Excel explain it to you all.
My good friend Flipside found this old mixtape I made 14 years ago. This is pre everything for me. No Serato & No computer. At this point I was 19 & I've only had my own turntables for 2 years. One take to cassette with all my drops playing through the line channel off a portable recorder I used to carry around with me. I collected some really fresh drops on that recorder! Shout out to my ace, Wreckk, for making my name drops with his pitched down voice in Goldwave.

Much respect to Flip for keeping this around & for converting to mp3 so I can share with all of you.

Give it a play, my cuts ain't too shabby for 14 years ago!


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