Rich Kid?

A few of you seemed a little resentful of GLK a few weeks ago when his Crate Diggers episode was posted. Accusations of "spoiled" and "rich kid" were being thrown around at the time. Not that I see anything wrong with somebody growing up with means, but I think many of you would find this link of interest.


Anonymous said...

Grew up rich or not / good guy or not, it's unfortunate that he's asking for donations based off of his brutal, horrible, un-listenable 'work'.
To each their own, which is part of why we love music overall......but this dude might be the worst DJ/musician I've ever heard (and will definitely never see live if I can help it)
Coming from a cat who has a real wide vernacular of musical taste

Eric Nord said...

Oh wait, so now only people who make music that an "Anonymous" troll likes are worthy of asking for medical help? smh

Gaslamp Killer "Nissim" f/ Amir Yaghmai

Yes, I'm feeding the troll positive energy.

Manti T'eos girlfriend said...

Yeah i think this post kind of backfired.. Get well soon GLK

pipomixes said...

Just to clarify, the point of the post was to show how wrong some of the assumptions were of GLK in the previous Crate Diggers post. BTW, I was actually at Teo former university over the weekend taking in the ND/SC game. Man, the movie Rudy didn't do that stadium justice (and that's coming from a diehard SC fan )

Anonymous said...

@ Eric Nord

Nice track. If only I could flip a Turkish track that well. Hahaha much love for Mr. Gaslamp from my stink-bug infested dwelling.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its because I aint American but what sort of situation is it where a super famous DJ has to beg to pay his medical bills?! Sort it out and get an NHS or something it looks daft. You're meant to be a world super power.