Plug OneTwo Interview Mr. Choc

Stop what you're doing and watch/listen to this interview right now. Plug OneTwo gives his best Charlie Rose impersonation and provides a thorough and thoughtful interview of Mr. Choc unlike 99% of DJ/Producer interviews you've heard. While listening to Mr. Choc discuss a dark period in his life and his eventual recovery, I couldn't help but think about all of the other deejays/producers/emcees that never got the "second chance" Choc did. Highly Recommended.
This amazing chat with Mr. Choc will inspire you with the ebb and flow of his life, and courage to stay in the DJ game. Here's the show breakdown:
0:00-4:22 Discussion between the youth and our era of ingesting music.
4:25-6:05 Difference between New York and Los Angeles Djiing.
6:06-7:46 Choc talks about his mixing influence.
7:47-9:46 How music saved his life and his experience in a major market station.
9:47-10:54 Choc's depression after leaving a major market station.
10:55-15:26 The event at a stoplight that changed his life.
15:29-17:29 Learning the work ethic of Dj Muggs & Choc's reinvention.
17:32-18:20 Getting re-inspired at 38 and growing.
18:21-22:18 How Choc's mother brought him up to be a Dj.
22:31-24:16 Evelyn Champagne King vs. Minnie Riperton.
24:18-25:42 We elude to the birth of hip hop.
25:43-26:47 Prince vs. Lenny Kravitz.
26:48-30:40 Will I Am Black Eye Peas vs BBE label.
30:41-33:30 Tribe Called Quest vs. Slum Village.
33:32-34:34 Finding the gem of a song vs. playing it in a crowd.
34:35-35:31 Am Kday vs FM Kday.
35:32-38:51 Top 5 boy bands.

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