The King James Version Vol. 2 - Mixed by House Shoes

Listening for the first time as I type. Volume 1 gets constant play at the Mixes household. In fact, Volume 1 is Lil Mixes preferred soundscape as she throws her oatmeal to the floor. I see no reason for Volume 2 to disappoint. Enjoy.

Update: So far (15 minute mark) it's clear that House Shoes dug into the more obscure Dilla crates for this one. Highly Recommended.


Sigma said...

Good post man. It makes me think back to when sampling first became a big thing in hip-hop and how that led me to think "I wonder where that sample actually came from?", opening up a whole new world of soul, funk, jazz etc. that I may not have otherwise have heard. Someone who had been into that music for a long time might have thought the same about me as some people are thinking about young Dilla fans.

pipomixes said...


Unknown said...

This mix Is truly Amazing, this is what I call a tribute mix ! From one DJ to another you killed this Homie Salutes to you for a job Very Well Done ! From a fan of you as well DJ Moebedda !