The Roots Tribute: Live from the Bedroom 8 - Mr. Green

Damn, I didn't know Mr. Green got down like this on the tables. Check this link out for those of you who may scoff at the absence of turntables.
For this episode I decided to use nothing but vocals from Black Thought and Malik B of the Roots. It's kind of a mini tribute to one of the greatest rap groups of all time. I chose to use these vocals because I've always been a huge fan of the Roots and because I'm getting really excited about dropping the album "Unpredictable" with Malik B. Also because the Roots are debuting on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon!

If you watch to 2:00 minutes you will see that I invented a new
way to rock the (digital) turntables. Have you ever seen somebody pick
their digi turntables up and play them like a guitar before? Now you have.

Undefined (look out for Jem Cretes rocking over the beat)
Kings Beat (from the Freeway and Tek song)
June 2007 (from Green Future)
Unreleased Instrumental

"In The Ghetto (Wake Up!)" J Period feat. Black Thought, Rakim and John Legend
"Get Busy" The Roots
"You Don't See Us" The Roots
"Metal is Out' SNIPPET Malik B and Mr. Green feat. Benefit

Shout out to Pioneer/Serato for making the
DDJ- SR, a piece of equipment so dope
that I can pick it up and play it like a guitar.

Big Shout out to Dj Critical Hype for hooking up the Acapellas.

Huge shout out as always to the video master Sam Lipman-Stern on the cut. -Green

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