Cold Blood Chillin' Vol. 1 - Mixed by Tactics

This mix is different, but in a very good way. Quite a few blends and remixes here where you can hear some classic acapellas over beats considerably different from the original beats, but it all just works. Listen and enjoy.

So far for the last 15 years, i finally did it! I recorded a mix that is longer then 20 minutes... also i'm extremely happy with what i got in the end. Lots of fun, hip-hop, funk and latin hustling, along with mad freestyle, from almighty mc Dazz-la in the middle of the mix. Some unpredicted situations there... some asteroids... a little of massive things... We on earth call it: lotta dope blends! If you love the music, and you are on earth... you just download it, and enjoy! All for you, dear listener.

Also, IF YOU LIKE IT ONLY, please sign up for the newsletter @ for the full track list (its 65 compositions used), so you can buy all the originals to support the artists who give other artists such a priceless and classic material to create something new (they don't practically give it). I will make sure to get some epic exclusive ringtones in the newsletter as well... and other cool stuff.

Thanks for listening!

Mixed & remixed by: Tactics
Special featuring (track 19): Dazz-la MC
Mastering by: Jessica Thompson
Cover art: Jenya Jelvakov

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