Wordplay (Live) - Mixed by DJ Omega:NYC

If you enjoy this blog (which I assume all of you do) and enjoy my mixes (which I assume many of you do), then you have the author of this mix to thank. The fact that mixing music and diggin' for records has evolved from something that I enjoy to a part of who and what I am, is largely due to Omega:NYC. Omega was the first skilled deejay that I was ever able to see cut up the tables live. Before youtube videos and VHS tutorials, I had my memory of watching Omega mix on my turntable to help me visualize how deejaying actually "looked" like. I think this mix is a pretty good representation of how skillful Omega:NYC actually is behind the wheels. The theme of the mix is a play on words and phrases reused and sampled throughout the rap lexicon. The mix was recorded on all vinyl and live. As a result, there are 1-2 spots that could use a Protools tweak here or there. But mixes were never intended to be perfect. As has been discussed on this blog before, it is the imperfections that ultimately give mixes the intangible quality that cause them to be memorable. The description of the mix is below. Highly Recommended.

Peace World. Hip Hip creation by OMEGANYC. Blending Nation is the crew. Recorded live and edited for your listening enjoyment. Peace to the Emcees that write rhymes that inspire other MC's, DJ's and Beatmakers - you know who you are. This is not a polished over produced mix, just some more of that raw mixing and New York City mixtape grime. WordPlayLive!!! dedicated to Afrika Bambaataa

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