Blood Money - Nighttime Gangster Jazz - Mixed by Mr. Tobes & DJ Wax On

This mix just reeks of the vibe that you get from the score to the Scorsese classic, Taxi Driver. In my opinion, this mix is best enjoyed with the sound down, headphones on, and some grimy visuals within eye shot (may I recommend Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, or French Connection on mute). Highly Recommended.

Everyone needs their own theme music, including cold blooded killers, psychopathic gangsters and hitmen for hire.

Enter Blood Money, a duo made up of R&B music maestro TOBES (taking a break from his Sparkle Motion duties) and the always impressive crate digger DJ Wax On - who give us 'Nighttime Gangster Jazz: Music for Smooth Criminals', a 60 minute mix of 70s & 80s mellow jazz grooves that provide a soundtrack to the most illegal of nocturnal activities.

From familiar classics to golden obscurities, library gems to soundtrack rarities, take a trip through a loaded barrel-full of deadly tracks... all interspersed with classic gangster movie dialogue. Play this one only at night, and keep an eye over your shoulder when you do.

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