J. Rocc - Boiler Room London

I hesitate to say that this is the best live J.Rocc set I've seen/heard because there are so many good ones. But, if there's a better one, I'd like to hear it. Highly Recommended.


primeselect said...

anyone have the scoop on the 'cool' folks in the room? are these OG Boiler Room wankers? i get more active when i turn on the radio.

these brats are acting like there at Starbucks or something.

give em' there skinny vanilla decaf latte frap w/ extra whip cream already.

sorry i don't know why i'm hating. i guess it's hip to look like your not having fun when good music is on and you got the Funky President doing all the work at that. i get it. 'we get this !sht all the time, it's only J. Rocc in this tiny studio playing for a small group of creative professionals'.

it must be time to move to London.

pipomixes said...

Sometimes I wonder whether they can actually hear the music because you can see them having full-on conversations. My wife is really into fashion and she has dragged me to these fashion show installations. Instead of the normal models walking down the runway, you have these models just standing there like manicans. That's the first thing that came to mind when I saw this video.

Rudy Martinez in Sacramento said...
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pipomixes said...

I do not hesitate Pipo, this mix hurts so badly. I know what he's capable of but man, this is pure gold!!!!!